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Meet Marvin

For Marvin Remmich, it all started on a farm in North Dakota. Marvin Remmich grew up in an environment where he and his family grew and canned their own fruits and vegetables, raised animals and worked the land with their own hands. It instilled in him a sense of self-reliance and independence that has shaped his life ever since. “On a farm, we did everything ourselves,” he explains. “If something needed to be done, it was only natural to step up to the challenge and get the job accomplished.”

Rising Up the Ranks

Now a leader in the business community, Marvin looks to those formative years as the basis for his success. Whether on the tennis court pushing himself to the next level, mentoring young people in his community, or at the helm of RAM Properties, his can-do attitude and leadership ability have translated naturally into all aspects of Marvin’s life.

Although he may be far from the farm these days, it is clear that the valuable lessons he learned there continue to guide the way. After two years of service in the Army, Marvin headed west with $500 in his pocket and a duffle bag over his shoulder to pursue his dreams. A resourceful and determined young man, he worked his way through college, earning his B.S. degree in marketing and later his M.B.A. from Golden Gate University. Marvin’s skills enabled him to rise swiftly up the ranks in hospital administration and accounting, and earned him the position of CEO of a major California medical center.

Leading the Way

While his career in the medical field proved to be rewarding and challenging, Marvin’s “do it yourself” philosophy pushed him further. He had always known he had the dedication and energy necessary to start his own business. With his extensive experience with investment properties and his passion for helping people, Marvin started RAM Properties in 1974.

Since day one, Marvin’s vision for his company has remained constant: to be a leader in the field by providing his clients with dedicated, caring service and fully utilizing emerging technology to maximize results for his clients. Through the years, people have discovered they can turn to Marvin and trust his expertise and dedication to their needs.

When you work with Marvin, you work with the owner of one of the area’s top independently owned real estate brokerages. That means you get the personal attention and great results you’re looking for.

Marvin and Susan love to go out for an evening of dinner and dancing whenever possible.

A Leader in the Field

Marvin works closely with his wife, Susan, a licensed real estate professional, to provide the utmost in service to their clients. As longtime area residents, they are committed to giving back, too. Marvin especially enjoys mentoring others and volunteering time in his community. No matter what he’s doing—from encouraging young people to pursue their dreams to helping his clients turn their dreams of buying or selling a home into reality—Marvin takes pride in being able to guide others toward success.

For all your real estate goals, Marvin Remmich is leading the way to success for you.